Service Fee Schedules

Service Fee Schedules (2010- Present)

** Fee is waived for Foreclosure Prevention counseling **

By-Lingual services are available in Korean, Chinese (mandarin and Cantonese), Vietnamese and Spanish by request.


  • Homebuyer Education Class:
    MD - NCHEC, 8 hours class (group) – A fee of $95 includes “A training manual for homebuyer”, “Free 2 hours pre-purchase one-on-one counseling” and light lunch.
    VA - VHDA, 6 hours class (group) – Free of charge for the class and a training manual. There will be a fee of $35/hour, pre-purchase one-on-one counseling (by request only).


  • U.S Banking and Financial Education:
    $125/hour – up to $350 includes budget workout session up to 3 hours. No fees are charged on sessions for children under 18 and low income seniors (HUD guide).


  • Credit Counseling:
    $125/hour - up to $350 includes credit building, credit report review, advice on repair and improvement – up to 3 hours. We do not offer debt management or credit repair services.


  • Home Mortgage & Reverse Mortgage Education:
    $125/hour, max $350 for one-on-one; $95/2 hours group education (no certification session), and assist in application preparation.


  • Refinance or Payment Adjustment Services (non-foreclosure transaction):
    A fee up to $350. Mortgage advise and assist in application preparation.


  • Reverse Mortgage Counseling for the Certification:
    $125/sessioin (pending starting date - 2012 summer).


  • Credit Reports:
    $15 – 1 person; $30 and plus – 2 persons (third party fees only).
    Client pull - no fee from AAHC.


  • Document Copies/Faxes/Email/PDF:
    A $20 flat fee at the Application including loss mitigation services.


  • Writing a Page of Letter Includes Translation:
    Up to $125.


  • Notary Services:


  • Refund Policy:
    All fees paid for the classes are refundable as long as 48 hours notice of cancellation is given before the scheduled class. Less than 48 hours of notice, we will hold $25.